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The combi stove


Shall it be a woodburning stove? Or a pellet stove instead? RIKA has the ideal solution for anybody still sitting on the fence: a combi stove.

Dual heating system

A combi stove can be operated both as woodburning stove and as pellet stove. Changing between both is possible without retrofitting and even during the combustion process.

Fuelled by wood

Woodburning stoves are heated with logs, which have to be replenished manually. The wood consumption is dependent both on the desired heat output and on the size of the room to be heated. The heat output can also be influenced by the quality of the logs. Dry logs have a higher fuel value, which is why a dry and well-aerated storage space is an important precondition. The required amount of logs for one day should also be brought into the living space on the previous day, in order to allow the wood to dry further.

Fuelled by pellets

Pellets are gained from untreated wood and possess a high heat value thanks to their extremely low water content. The pellet container has a capacity of approx. 30 kg, which corresponds to approx. 2 bags of pellets. The pellets are then transported via a screw motor into the combustion chamber and ignited electrically. Unlike woodburning stoves fuelled by logs, the pellet supply for this stove is fully automatic, making the manual replenishing obsolete.

Air supply for combi stoves

The stove requires a regular supply of fresh air when operating. It can either come directly from the same room or from outside:

  • In the case of a room air-dependent stove, the air comes from the same room in which the stove is installed. Sufficient aeration and oxygen supply has to be ensured.
  • In the case of a room air-independent stove, the air comes from outside via a supply line.

Radiant heat and storage mass

A stove emits the generated heat energy via convection heat and radiant heat. In the case of convection heat, cold air is heated, and in the case of radiant heat, objects are heated. For this reason, radiant heat ensures an even room temperature and a pleasant indoor climate.

The amount of radiant heat is influenced by the available storage mass. It is specified in kilogramme and ensures that the stove continues to store and to emit heat even after the fire is already extinguished. The amount of radiant heat can also be increased by using natural stone panelling.

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dual heating


dual heating

A combi stove can be operated both as woodburning stove and as pellet stove. Changing between both is possible even during the combustion process.

  • automatic fuel recognition
  • maximum convenience
  • minimal effort
  • maximum independence



The RIKATRONIC3 electronic stove controller automatically regulates the burn rate and combustion air, and indicates the best time to add more wood logs.

  • efficient controland regulation
  • save using eco mode
  • convenient heating

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