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Sus­tain­able hotel and heat oper­a­tion: white pods in Switzer­land heat­ed with RIKA stoves

Sustainable hotel and heat operation: white pods in Switzerland heated with RIKA stoves

Hotel owner and businessman Patrick Delarive has a weakness for modern design and the drive to make luxury as environmentally friendly as possible. For him, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword but culture in action. He developed the concept of the Whitepod Eco-Luxury Hotel on this basis. The pods can be adapted to the colours of nature depending on the season. In the snow they are camouflaged white, and in the summer they blend into the green surroundings. The structures can also be dismantled in no time at all and leave behind almost untouched nature.

007 themed pod with the RIKA FILO pellet stove
007 themed pod with the FILO pellet stove

Each of the hotel’s individual themed rooms stands out thanks to a specially developed design concept. The guests in the Swiss Suite sleep under cowbells, the bed in the Forest Suite is surrounded by birch trunks, and the 007 Suite evokes the spectacular hotel rooms from the James Bond films.

Cosy fire with fully-automated comfort

Part of the environmentally friendly hotel concept is the use of renewable fuels. It’s no wonder, then, that the owner Delarive and the responsible architect offices went for RIKA pellet stoves when furnishing all the pods. “After a long day outdoors and in nature, cosiness and relaxation are top priority,” says the hotelier. The cosy warmth of the RIKA stoves quickly spreads throughout the room thanks to the special architecture of the structure. RIKA stoves also stand out because they run very quietly – fitting for the peace and seclusion of the mountain landscape in the Swiss Valais.

Whitepod Eco-Luxury Hotel
Whitepod Eco-Luxury Hotel

The versatile FILO pellet stove can be conveniently operated using the touch display and is easy for untrained guests to use as a result. A large pellet container provides for automatic fuel replenishment.

Deluxe themed pod with the RIKA FILO pellet stove
Deluxe themed pod with the FILO pellet stove

In the Zen Pod Suite the REVIVO pellet heating insert embedded into the wall provides the room with sustainable heat. Consistent with the simple Japanese design with a zen bed and “furo” bath, REVIVO stays in the background while being simultaneously captivating with its extravagant exterior. Thanks to the large pellet tank, the REVIVO can provide heat for up to 70 hours without needing to be refilled. That’s enough for a comfortably warm, long, luxury weekend in harmony with nature.

Deluxe themed pod with RIKA REVIVO heating insert
Deluxe themed pod with REVIVO heating insert
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