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Change through warmth: a well­ness par­adise with the RIKA SONO

After an extensive renovation of her farmhouse, Cynthia integrated the RIKA SONO pellet stove into her wellness centre to create a cosy and environmentally friendly atmosphere. The quiet and efficient stove supports the well-being of the guests with its pleasant warmth and contributes to the relaxing ambience of the place.

When the opportunity arose for Cynthia and her family to take over her parents' old farmhouse, they did not hesitate. At the foot of the Flemish Ardennes, they renovated the property to make it their home. The old cowshed next to the house became a makeshift home during the renovation work and later a play paradise for their children.

Almost 30 years later, high school teacher Cynthia underwent a serious back operation. During her recovery process, she discovered the healing effects of sauna heat on her body. After the operation, she decided to give up her teaching job. The stress and the long journey to work took their toll. She began training in beauty care to master all aspects of "well-being". In 2020, the old cowshed was converted into a reception and wellness area where massages and facial treatments are offered. An architectural gem was created in the beautiful, spacious garden. A private wellness area with Finnish sauna, Turkish steam bath, plunge pool and relaxing whirlpool. There is also a heated swimming pool in the garden and in spring and summer you can enjoy thousands of plants, flowers and shrubs.

The RIKA SONO creates a relaxing atmosphere in Cynthia's wellness area.

Gentle warmth and deep relaxation in the wellness area.

Three heat pumps were installed to heat the swimming pool, wellness and well-being area. There are also numerous solar panels on the roof. During the renovation of the old cowshed, it turned out that the insulation was no easy task due to the vaults and thick walls. Only the roof was extra well insulated. Underfloor heating was also out of the question, so electric radiators were installed. As a result, the electricity bill in these rooms quickly rose sharply, even with solar panels. In the first two weeks of January, Cynthia closes the doors, partly because it's a quiet time anyway, but also because it's a very 'sunless' time when the electricity for the heat pump costs a lot of money.

That's why Cynthia was looking for a different heating solution for her cosy room. She wanted a heating system that exudes cosiness but also offers comfort. She opted for a pellet stove because the fuel price is much more stable and cheaper and because it can also fulfil the criteria of "cosiness" and "comfort".

The search for the right pellet stove went quickly. When she saw the RIKA SONO on display in a local stove shop, it was love at first sight. She knew that RIKA was a good brand; her sister, who lives in Austria, also had such a stove and was happy with it. The stove from the showroom, a RIKA SONO, was exactly what Cynthia needed. A smaller, flat stove with a beautiful soapstone cladding that radiates peace and warmth. The quick delivery and installation was an added bonus.

Refilling is quick and easy.

What was also very important to Cynthia when choosing the brand was the sound of the stove. After all, in a place where you want to relax, you don't want any disturbing noises from the pellet stove's fan. RIKA's stoves work without convection fans and with natural radiant heat, and that was reassuring news. When Cynthia receives customers, she sets the stove to a comfortable temperature when they enter. During the relaxation moment, she turns the stove up a little so that the radiant heat actually reaches people.

Would you like to experience the warmth of the RIKA SONO and Cynthia's beautiful work for yourself? Then visit her website and book a moment of peace, relaxation and wonderful warmth.

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