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Sebastian und barbara
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Barbara and Sebastian shape their lives consciously. Work-life balance, mindfulness, enjoyment and closeness to nature are their life principles. They love spending their weekends at their holiday home in the Lower Austrian Waldviertel, which they heat with a RIKA DOMO.

Barbara lived out her passion for design and architecture to the fullest during the four-year planning phase for their weekend home. Inspired by the huts typically found in the area at the edge of the forest and influenced by minimalist Scandinavian style, a modern, ecological and energy-saving house was created in timber frame construction, mainly out of local materials such as spruce wood. The large window front, facing south, brings a lot of light into the rooms and creates the feeling of being outdoors indoors. It also gives a clear view of the garden – Sebastian’s creative field. He lets his imagination run wild here and enjoys working in the fresh air. Their house is well thought out down to the smallest detail and embodies their philosophy on life. They did as much of the construction work as possible themselves. The furnishings reflect their personalities, are timeless, high-quality and comfortable at the same time, the feel-good factor is particularly important to them. The close proximity to Barbara’s parents reinforces the feeling of home.

House in the Waldviertel is heated with the RIKA DOMO pellet stove.
RIKA DOMO is the only heating system in Barbara and Sebastian's holiday home.

Heating with quality of life

The stove is regularly in use until well into spring due to climatic conditions in the region with big fluctuations in temperature on a daily basis and severe cooling down at night. The fact that it is completely sufficient as a sole source of heating even in winter is due firstly to its heating power and secondly to its large 50 kg pellet hopper capacity. “Even in the depths of winter, DOMO heats the house to a constant 15 degrees Celsius for three weeks when we’re on holiday,” Sebastian says enthusiastically. The MULTIAIR feature is also a strong argument in favour of the stove, as it allows the heat to be transported directly into the adjacent bathroom. “It almost feels like underfloor heating there,” raves Barbara and continues, “our guests are always surprised that our DOMO is the only heating in the house.” The pellet stove with its black steel casing fits perfectly into the overall concept and offers the huge advantage of being controllable online from anywhere at any time using RIKA FIRENET.
Cosy atmosphere with the DOMO pellet stove
The DOMO pellet stove offers maximum comfort, state-of-the-art technology and sleek design.
RIKA DOMO heats the living room and bathroom at the same time.
The bathroom is located directly behind the open living area and is heated by MULTIAIR. The temperature in the bedroom next door can be easily regulated by the sliding door: if it should be cooler to sleep, the door is simply kept closed to keep the heat out.

Preferably out and about

In the garden, in the forest or at the lake – nature lets them experience life with all their senses. Exercise in the fresh air feels liberating. But they also relax and unwind indoors, preferably barefoot. While cooking vegan meals, reading or drinking wine in front of the blazing fire, Barbara and Sebastian recharge their batteries to start a new working week full of verve and energy.

Barbara und Sebastian

Barbara: “Last year we had a total consumption of around 350 kg of pellets during the main heating period. As a result, our fuel costs amounted to around 100 €. And the beautiful atmosphere was a priceless side effect!”

Sebastian: “Free time plays an essential role in our lives, so we have been working a four-day week for a long time. We both love our jobs and like living in the city. In the countryside, we find the perfect balance to our demanding professional lives and enjoy nature, peace and quiet and, above all, time to ourselves.”

Unterwegs in der Natur
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