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Office with a pel­let stove

The RIKA pellet stove DOMO ensures pleasant temperatures and living room flair for the office staff at Poujoulat BeLux.

At Poujoulat BeLux, a manufacturer of smoke pipes in Nivelles, Belgium, a RIKA DOMO was installed during the recent renovation of the office building. The staff are now not only cosy and warm, they almost feel at home.

Stroomop, RIKA importer in Belgium, and Poujoulat BeLux have been working together successfully for years and are experts in heating. From residential buildings to large industrial companies - Poujoulat BeLux has the right application for every project. When it comes to individual heating, the focus is primarily on wood and pellet fuels. Both companies convey the same message to the world: heating with biomass is the future. In this spirit, Poujoulat BeLux has also been producing its own biomass in France for several years in order to guarantee the highest quality of fuels and thus keep emissions as low as possible. With their know-how, they develop heating systems for environmentally friendly and efficient use.

DOMO as a design element and heat source.

Heating in the office - quiet, please!

When Poujoulat BeLux presented their renovation plans, it was already clear that they would shut down their gas boiler. They also wanted to convey internally that their heart beats for biomass. Since the façades are additionally insulated and the offices are well sealed, the DOMO pellet stove can be used as the main heating system even in a cold winter. With a heating capacity of 10 kW, DOMO primarily heats the 170 m² office room on the L-shaped ground floor. In addition, however, sufficient heat also reaches the corridor. Heating times and output are programmed for a constant room temperature of 22 °C during the day and 15 °C at night. For this, the pellet tank has to be filled about once a week.

The main reason for choosing a RIKA pellet stove was that it is particularly quiet. This was a decisive point and a prerequisite so that everyone can continue to work concentrated. During breaks, the employees like to stand around the stove, chat and enjoy the beautiful, quiet flame and pleasant radiant heat. The pellet stove also scored in terms of aesthetics, as its simple design matches the modern, functional furnishings. In combination with the smoke pipe, the coloured brackets and the wall end plate, the stove also functions as a figurehead. It is shown that it can be used not only as a source of heat, but also as a versatile design element.

Refilling the pellets is quick and easy.
Refilling the pellets is quick and easy.

2 more stoves in planning

The new heating concept has proven itself - so it's no wonder that the decision was made to purchase two more RIKA stoves for the upcoming modernisation measures. On the first floor of the building, the training centre for installers and planners will be located in the future, with rooms for teaching both theory and practice. They are going to be heated with a DOMO as well. In the entrance hall, the modular CONNECT WOOD stove is planned, which with its add-on parts will provide cosy seating and thus make the waiting time for guests and customers pleasant. The cooperation between Stroomop and Poujoulat BeLux will therefore fortunately continue for a longer time!

Pelletofen im Büro
People like to spend their coffee break together in front of the stove.

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