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DOMO BACK pelletstove
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Def­i­nite­ly not half baked!”

Heating is now also turned into a culinary experience: DOMO BACK is a stove with an integrated baking oven that skilfully combines convenient heating with pellets and relaxed baking.

DOMO BACK is a stove for all the senses. Whether it's fresh bread, a delicious gratin with golden crust or a heavenly apple strudel – with DOMO baking is child's play, as is heating in any case. And what's more: DOMO BACK is a piece of heating furniture that combines the kitchen, dining and living room like no other. Form and function meet our modern demands, its essence embodies originality.


DOMO BACK combines the best of two stoves: the bestseller DOMO pellet stove has been supplemented with the BACK stove's baking compartment. As a result, it offers all the conveniences of pellet operation – it is quiet when running, environmentally friendly, low in maintenance, efficient and easy to use. With DOMO BACK, the illuminated baking compartment's temperature can be regulated down to the degree from 130 to 340 degrees using a touch display, thus enabling controlled baking exactly according to the recipe. With a baking tray and grill rack, the pellet stove has all the features of a classic oven. The baking and heating times can also be programmed using the fully automatic control system. Not only are the flames always in view through the windows, but the baking processes are too.

The multi-talented pellet stove can do even more

DOMO BACK can be optionally equipped with the RIKA FIRENET module – it can then be controlled on the go at any time and using any Internet-enabled end device. "I want to bake, Alexa, turn on the stove," could be a request from your kitchen in the future: this is because the stove can also be controlled by voice commands using the RIKA VOICE control system (in conjunction with Amazon Echo and Alexa Voice Service). As a MULTIAIR variant, the DOMO BACK can also heat up to two additional adjacent rooms. You can find all the other information and technical data here.

An original Austrian apple strudel recipe for DOMO BACK, but also for any other oven, can be found here. Good luck and enjoy it!

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