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LET’S CON­NECT! Pel­let stove + fur­ni­ture = CON­NECT PEL­LET

The new RIKA CONNECT PELLET stove opens up new dimensions in interior design - no other stove has ever been more heating furniture than CONNECT. Flexible and individual in design, the new CONNECT PELLET adapts to a wide variety of living spaces and lifestyles.

A modular system with individual character

The stove can be combined with various add-on parts - quite simply using a clip system - as well as other modular components: cupboard, benches, shelves, decorative doors, insert trays, storage boxes, seat cushions, rear panels and cover panels. A wide selection of sizes, colours, surfaces and materials allows combinations that accentuate the personal style of living, for example with upholstery covers in fabric, leather or Alcantara, doors in white, black, decor oak or walnut. On request, corresponding sketches of the decor doors are also available for individual custom-made designs.

In addition to the adaptability of the new pellet stove, a major advantage is its long-term flexibility. The modules are expandable and can be realigned or rearranged at any time - they adapt dynamically to changes in the living space or

Pellet stove Connect: modules

Virtual room planning made easy

To support the imagination and simplify the composition of the individual elements, an online configurator was specially developed for CONNECT PELLET. In the virtual planning tool, individual add-on elements can be playfully added and moved, components defined and changed via drag and drop. The finished stove configuration can then be viewed virtually in your own living space using a smartphone or tablet, or shared on social media, for example.

Pellet stove with functional design

Thanks to its clear, simple design language, CONNECT PELLET blends harmoniously into any living landscape. The timeless style of the stove body and base modules, which is RIKA's trademark, correlates with the durability of RIKA products, due to high-quality materials and corresponding workmanship. Seat cushions and decorative doors as well as decorative elements set beautiful, colourful accents and contribute to personal design freedom. Ideal storage space for pellets and various utensils is provided by the practical storage box as well as shelves and compartments in cupboards and under the benches.

Diversität des CONNECT PELLET

CONNECT PELLET is available in two sizes: with a pellet capacity of 22 or 38 kg. As a MULTIAIR variant, it heats up to two additional rooms and can optionally be controlled online and by voice (using Alexa Voice Service). It has an exclusive retractable touch display and two different connection options. Thanks to its heat output of 2.5-8 kW, it also heats larger rooms and offers all the conveniences of pellet operation - such as:

  • simple, intuitive operation by touch display, online or voice
  • manual control and programming of heating times
  • automatic pellet refill
  • low-emission combustion - fully automatically regulated
  • efficient, cost-effective heating due to high efficiency
  • minimum maintenance due to automatic tipping grate ash removal and self-cleaning system
  • low-noise operation
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What is modularity?

Modularity is the division of a whole into parts, which are called modules, components, assemblies or building blocks. With suitable form and function, they can be joined together or interact via appropriate interfaces. A major advantage is that old modules can be easily exchanged for new modules or new modules can be added to the whole.*


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