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Two in one: PARO brings the free­dom of heat­ing

The PARO combi stove uniquely combines the advantages of convenient pellet operation with the tradition of classic heating with logs. The new PARO series also impresses with an even quieter operation and an even more beautiful flame pattern that bathes every room in an atmosphere of cosiness.

Being able to heat in two popular ways with one stove meets the spirit of the times and is sure to win over everyone who wants to remain independent as well as flexible. The hybrid heating system makes it possible to choose fuels according to availability and personal preferences. Logs create a traditional atmosphere and are regionally available, climate-neutral and cost-effective. In addition, wood offers the significant advantage of electricity-free heating and thus guarantees cosy warmth even in cases of energy shortages or power cuts. The fully automatic pellet operation also provides maximum comfort and continuous heat output. In pellet mode, all functions can be intuitively controlled with the touch display; remote access (optional with RIKA FIRENET) is also possible via any internet-capable terminal or even by voice (RIKA VOICE).

The modern PARO series fulfils all wishes

The successful PARO hybrid model shines in a renewed generation. The elegant design, the fast ignition and the DAR system, now integrated as standard, which enables even quieter operation and a more beautiful flame picture, make PARO the epitome of modern stove aesthetics and innovative functionality. In this PARO series, RIKA MULTIAIR technology is available as an option, which can be retrofitted at any time thanks to fixed connections. With RIKA MULTIAIR, up to three rooms can be heated simultaneously. RIKA MULTIAIR is low-noise and can therefore be installed in any living area without restrictions.

RIKA Multiair

Sustainable heat and minimal consumption

At a time when environmental awareness, availability of fuel, costs and energy efficiency are becoming increasingly important, the combi stove (also known as hybrid stove) is proving to be the right answer to sustainable space heating. RIKA’s heating technology promises low emissions and economical energy and fuel consumption.

How a combi stove works

Technical sophistication enables easy operation and maximum benefit. It is not necessary to switch or convert the stove to switch between log and pellet operation. The hybrid stoves have fully automatic fuel recognition: if the log fire goes out, the stove automatically switches to pellets. The control of the combustion air volume in combi stoves is always automatic and independent of the type of fuel used.

Advantages of the combi stove at a glance

  • Quiet operation
  • Efficient and flexible heating
  • Automatic fuel detection and air supply control
  • Greatest possible independence
  • Simple control via touch display, mobile phone, tablet (optional with RIKA FIRENET) etc. in pellet mode
  • Heat up to three rooms simultaneously via RIKA MULTIAIR
  • Minimal maintenance required thanks to interval self-cleaning system with tilting grate ash removal
  • Optimum time for refilling is signalled
“With the new generation of PARO combi stoves, we have taken a significant step that raises the bar for quality and performance to a new level.”
Karl Philipp Riener, RIKA Geschäftsführung

“RIKA combi stoves combine tradition with modernity and score with versatility, independence as well as long-term energy efficiency.”
Andreas Bloderer, RIKA Produktmanagement
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