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Between heav­en and earth

In the Swedish village Harads, the RIKA pellet stove MIRO enjoys special privileges: It heats the latest “Seventh Room” tree house in the globally unique Treehotel.

Britta and Kent Lindvall's Treehotel is probably the ultimate attraction in Lapland. It has been popular with travellers, architects and design lovers from all over the world for years and now accommodates seven extraordinary tree houses. Up to five guests in each tree house can enjoy their holiday at an airy height: surrounded by treetops and luxurious comfort amidst untouched nature.

A tree house dream

Harads with its 600 inhabitants is only one hour from Stockholm by plane and is the home village of Britta and Kent Lindvall. These two are deeply rooted in the region and wanted to “build up” their future here. Based on Jonas Selberg Augustséns movie “The Tree Lover”, which was shot in the village, they developed the idea for their unconventional Treehotel. Together with three of the most well-known architects of Sweden, they finally realised the project – under the condition that they would interfere as little as possible with nature.

From “UFO” to “Bird’s Nest” and “Mirrorcube”

The name of every tree house speaks for itself – and every single one is a piece of art. In the “Seventh Room” for example, you hover ten metres above the forest floor. Its bottom is covered with a full-size photo: It shows the trees that stood in this place before construction. The tree suite extends over 75 square meters and offers pure luxury. Scandinavian wooden furniture and natural textiles dominate the interior. Large panoramic windows allow breathtaking views of the Lule valley and the fascinating natural spectacle of the northern lights. The viewing terrace is laid out around a pine tree and thanks to the net flooring, it allows a direct view down.

Treehotel Sweden with RIKA MIRO
“Seventh Room”: the latest tree house of the Treehotel in Swedish Lapland.
Treehotel Sweden with RIKA MIRO
Viewing terrace with a view down to the forest floor underneath.

Elk safari, snowshoeing, ice fishing or...

...Observing bears- the best end for an adventurous day outdoors, in nature, is in the Treehotel in front of the cosy, warm MIRO pellet stove. It is well-known that in Scandinavia, heating with wood is part of the tradition. With the MIRO pellet stove, this tradition is continued in a modern and efficient way: Its timeless, space-saving design perfectly fits into the tree suite. Its numerous advantages, particularly the easy operation and environmentally friendly pellet heating technology impressed both the architects and the operators of the Treehotel.

Treehotel Sweden with RIKA MIRO
MIRO makes heating particularly comfortable.

Photos: © Treehotel Harads

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