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A good catch

HOMESTORY. Julia Neubacher is passionate about cooking and recently got some help in the kitchen. Tall, well-built and reserved, it provides warmth and security: DOMO BACK, the pellet stove with integrated baking compartment.

Well planned and organised, the 22-year-old Upper Austrian masters the balancing act between studying and working. Everything revolves around online marketing for her and she likes spending the little free time she has in the kitchen. "Cooking and baking are my balance," she says, adding "and I've always wanted a stove for heating – the combination with DOMO BACK is simply made for me." What she particularly appreciates about DOMO BACK is that she can control it on the go with her smartphone, saving her valuable time. "When I come home in the evening after a hard day and the fire is already flickering in the stove and it's comfortably warm, I immediately feel relaxed," she says, "and there is nothing standing in the way of a quick, hot meal." At home, her stove obeys her every command. For example, she uses Amazon Alexa to control the room temperature to suit her personal well-being. The radiant heat is a particularly pleasant addition to her underfloor heating, she stresses, and the stove heats up her apartment really quickly – goodbye cold feet.

Fresh fish on the table

Her favourite dish is definitely fish. She catches her fish herself, in her family's fish pond right next door. Equipped with wellington boots, fishing rod or landing net, it usually doesn't take long before a few sufficiently large specimens end up in the bucket. Her father guts the fish now and again, she always struggles a bit with that. The preparation is up to her, of course, and it certainly doesn't require a magic wand, she notes. She prepares the trout whole, with oven vegetables, olive oil, rosemary, a bit of salt and lemon. And then just puts everything together in a roasting tray for about 20 minutes at 200°C in the oven. The preheating time of about 30 minutes has to be taken into account beforehand of course. Invitations to enjoy trout à la Julia from DOMO BACK are highly sought after, that goes without saying. Guests always admire her stove and the fact that it is so quiet particularly surprises them. Everyone is impressed by its culinary qualities, especially when the dessert is served fresh from the stove: currant cake with meringue topping, preferably still warm, rounds off her light menu exquisitely.

a good catch
Fisherwoman Julia
a good catch
A good catch
a good catch
Julia and DOMO BACK

Versatility – an art in itself

Heating and baking in one, without compromising on performance, functions, convenience or operation – that impressed Julia Neubacher. She had been interested in environmentally friendly heating with pellet stoves for some time and informed herself about various stove models while planning the furnishings for her apartment. DOMO BACK quickly became her favourite. For Julia Neubacher it brings together the kitchen, dining room and living room perfectly. This was also the deciding factor for her to place the pellet stove in a central location. It can be seen from the kitchen unit, dining table and sofa. The view of the fire has a fascinating and calming effect on her at the same time. "Maybe that's why my guests feel so comfortable, the evenings are always very long," the hostess admits laughing.

a good catch
Very cosy
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