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1 office, 2 adults, 4 chil­dren and 3 pel­let stoves

Olivier Vereecken moved with his family into a mansion in Wavre, Belgium, five years ago. At that time, he decided on two pellet stoves from RIKA because they are convenient and very quiet in operation. Now the third stove follows.

Four children and two adults live in the stately house, which also houses the offices of Olivier Vereecken's marketing agency FLOW STUDIO. "There is always something going on in our house. We live and work in our house, there is a lot of coming and going. It's a great advantage to have several rooms spread over different floors," says Olivier Vereecken and continues: "As far as energy supply is concerned, the gas boiler is still there, but it hasn't been used for a long time. The reason for this is of course the cost but also the lower efficiency compared to a pellet stove, not to mention the time it takes to put it into operation. That's why we decided on two RIKA stoves. The kitchen, our meeting place, is heated by a RIKA CONNECT PELLET with MULTIAIR - our living room with the INTERNO heating insert. In less than twenty minutes we reach 22 degrees room temperature."

Inviting atmosphere

The kitchen is the place where the family regularly sits together. In the morning it is already cosy and warm, best conditions for a cosy breakfast. But Olivier also likes to receive his clients there, the pleasant flair is very much appreciated. "My clients enjoy the cosiness and warmth that our CONNECT PELLET radiates. And they are always amazed at how quiet the stove is in operation," says Olivier happily. The stove is never heated for more than an hour at a time, he adds, and the heat that additionally reaches the dining area via MULTIAIR connecting pipes lasts for a very long time.

Der modulare Pelletofen CONNECT PELLET mit MULTIAIR-Designauslass
The spacious kitchen-living room, the hub of family life, is also enriched by the CONNECT PELLET pellet stove with its MULTIAIR function, which provides the dining area with additional heat.

Pure cocooning

On the upper floor, the INTERNO heating insert proved to be suitable. It was installed in a disused open fireplace and is also operated with pellets. The stove underlines the charm of the old building and at the same time gives it a modern look. Olivier's youngest son has turned the room into a play and creative space, he feels very comfortable there. For his parents, it is the ideal place to read, relax and enjoy the warmth.

Pellet heating insert INTERNO modernised the open fireplace
Retreat: The former open fireplace stove has been technologically modernised with the INTERNO pellet heating insert without losing its charm.
pellet heating insert INTERNO
INTERNO can be opened from the front and thus easily filled with pellets.
A pellet stove provides warmth and relaxation.
Olivier finds relaxation here and the peace he needs to immerse himself in his reading.

Pellet stove number 3

"In the future, we want to accommodate our office in an outbuilding. For this reason, we ordered a third pellet stove, a LIVO, from our dealer Michael Loits. We were very happy with our first purchase, so it was clear from the start that we would choose a RIKA stove again," says Olivier, who is already looking forward to his new project. "However, the original project had not necessarily been easy. The size of the house and especially the high ceilings were one challenge. The other was the airflow from the extractor bonnet in the kitchen. In the end, however, there was no pressure drop anywhere, the stoves run perfectly, and the installations were carried out very professionally," Olivier is more than satisfied.

Per pellets

Olivier is enthusiastic about pellets and considers them the perfect alternative to conventional fuels. Especially for someone who lives in the city centre, he says, this form of heating with wood is ideal. "The whole family loves our pellet stoves, they are easy to handle, efficient and safe - and the warmth and atmosphere they create are simply unique," he says in his concluding plea for pellet stoves.

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