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My goal: 100% renew­able ener­gy

HOMESTORY. Alex Polfliet of Zero Emission Solutions (www.zeroemissionsolutions. com) in Belgium bought a RIKA pellet stove four years ago, getting him very close to his goal of only using renewable energy.

“My main heating system consists of a heat pump. I generate the electricity I need for this with solar cells. I am energy neutral on an annual basis. But when the sky is grey for a long time in winter, my solar panels produce very little, so I would have to supply my heat pump with household electricity. And I don’t want to do that. Hence the purchase of an efficient pellet stove as an alternative for grey winter days.

Of course, I thoroughly analysed the appliances available on the market, paying particular attention to combustion efficiency, ease of use, availability of local dealers and, of course, price. Then I came across RIKA stoves and bought the MIRO pellet stove from a RIKA dealer near me. I am much happier with the stove than I expected. I had feared that the stove would be difficult to keep clean, but after four years it still looks like new, inside and out.

I really want to use 100% renewable energy all year round. I am already very close to that: I heat partly with pellets, partly with the heat pump, which also produces the hot water for my sanitary facilities, and I drive electrically on the basis of self-generated solar power.

Pellets are carbon neutral. I deliberately chose pellets, which are a residual product of the local furniture and wood industry. Then it really is a green fuel. My RIKA pellet stove has a combustion efficiency of > 90%.”

Pelletkachel RIKA MIRO

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