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Five ques­tions to…

Whether they are a career changer, a stove professional or a long-standing RIKA partner - the passion for stoves, fire and heating unites our RIKA Premium Store operators. We introduce you to three of our partners based on five questions.

…Alexandra Kalina, RIKA Premium Stores Linz, Ybbs & Amstetten

What has been your most important professional decision so far?
To give up our previous Italian delicatessen businesses in order to get fully involved with RIKA. The prospect arose at short notice and I decided to take the opportunity at exactly the same short notice. The extremely cooperative approach of RIKA from the beginning played no small part in this...

What do you particularly appreciate about your work?
The same things that our customers appreciate about us: sufficient time for consultation and, above all, a product portfolio that includes the right solution for everyone.

What factors do you think make a good customer relationship?

Honesty and trust. Only when the customer feels that they are also perceived as such can a longterm customer relationship be established.

What was your most bizarre customer experience?

In the early days, we sold a SYMBIA and measured the staircase on the customer's premises. However, we didn't take the angle of incline into account. We realised this when the stove and the fitters got stuck in the staircase. The customer took it with good humour and then decided on another model, which he is now totally happy with.

What is your motto in life?

"If you don't try, you'll never know if you can do it" applies to me as much as "Nothing is more helpful than a challenge to bring out the best in a person".
Alexandra Kalina_RIKA Premium Store
Alexandra Kalina

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...Robert Passath, RIKA Premium Store Graz

As a customer service partner of RIKA, I can now look back on eight years of cooperation. Due to the daily work on the high-quality stoves, it was easy for me to decide to extend the cooperation with RIKA. It gives me great pleasure to help customers and now also to advise and inspire them with RIKA stoves.

Which RIKA model is your personal favourite stove - and why?
My absolute favourite is the RIKA PARO. It combines the pleasant factors such as room temperature control in pellet mode and crisis safety through the possibility of heating without electricity in log mode. Add to this a great design and the option of heating up to three rooms at the same time with RIKA MULTIAIR.

What role do stoves play in your private life?

I wouldn't limit this question just to stoves: heating and the fire itself have given us many cosy hours.

What do you look out for in your customers?
Customer satisfaction, not only with regard to my performance, but also with regard to the product; to simple, understandable explanations and the quickest possible help in urgent situations.

What skills are needed to be successful in the stove trade in the future?

For me, success is only defined by good customer advice and support, even after the sale of the stove. I have this work experience and competence, therefore I am very optimistic about my professional future.
Robert Passath, RIKA Premium Store
Robert Passath

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… Fabian Rieben, RIKA Premium Store Spiez

What are the decisive advantages of the RIKA Premium Store concept for you?
We are 100% convinced of the RIKA quality. The stoves are beautiful, innovative and have a timeless design. We find the RIKA Premium Store concept very appealing - this is also the feedback from our customers. The good cooperation with RIKA is another plus point.

What do your customers particularly appreciate about you?
We keep getting feedback that we are authentic. It is very important to us that the customer receives a stove that is tailored to their needs. In addition, we are happy to be there for our customers at any time after the sale. All this is highly appreciated by our customers.

How would you describe your corporate culture?

As appreciative and honest. Humour is also essential in our daily work. People are always the focus of our attention.

What is your personal recipe for success?

That's a secret! No, we simply love our work and are convinced that with RIKA stoves we are selling a top product and subsequently providing support. Our customers sense that.

What should your perfect stove be able to do?
Be filled with pellets automatically without having a large pellet container in the living room. Of course, my perfect stove also has to be environmentally friendly, create a nice atmosphere, have state-of-the-art technology and be service-friendly on top of that. So my perfect stove is definitely a RIKA stove!
Fabian Rieben, RIKA Premium Store Spiez
Fabian Rieben

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