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The IMPERA is unique to the market, as no other log stove has attained an efficiency of > 90 %. This is the work of a specially designed combustion chamber system and the newly developed RIKA Powerstone.

With the IMPERA model, Austrian stove specialist RIKA has set a new standard for thermal storage in log stoves. RIKA engineers working in the company's own research laboratory have developed a completely new thermal storage medium. This "heat battery" has a storage capacity nearly twice as high as that of soapstone, for example. Before the heat can escape unused through the chimney, it is directed into the heat storage block by 16 charging ducts. This permits the block to be heated uniformly and, above all, more quickly. With just eight to nine kilograms of wood, the heat store can be heated to about 200 degrees in only five hours, with the energy being released continuously back into the home as long lasting radiant heat.

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Here you can compare 3 stoves of your choice with each other in terms of size, performance, equipment and technical data.

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Single-hand control
Single-hand control

Regulate your stove simply and conveniently, at an ergonomic height, with the single-hand control.


The RIKA air distribution system (RLS) allows you to control and optimise the supply and distribution of air in the stove using one simple hand movement.

Energy Efficiency Class A+
Energy Efficiency Class A+

The European Union energy labelling informs about energy efficiency and power consumption.


Combustion air can be supplied from outside.

Technical data

Rated heating output

6 kW

Thermal mass

280 kg


1704 mm


520 mm


451 mm

All technical data at a glance

In the data sheet you will find an overview of all technical data. In the download area you can find further information about this stove as a pdf file.


Oven features




RIKA POWERSTONE stores energy from burning wood for many hours and releases it evenly without overheating the room.

  • store heat for a long time
  • natural heat distribution
  • reduce fuel consumption

3 steps to the stove

With just a few clicks you can get even closer to your dream stove: choose the material and colour of the body and side panels to suit your personal taste, select also the matching accessories such as stove-pipes and base plates. You can then download your configuration as a pdf file and take it with you when you meet with your RIKA dealer.

Your stove in 3D

With the free RIKA HOME DESIGN App you can view this stove in your own home virtually and configure it to match your interior.

What do you want your stove to look like?

Here you can choose from different versions of the body and side panels. Match material and colour to your furnishing style.


body colour

casing colour

The right stove-pipes

A SAFE FIREPLACE CONNECTION. Original RIKA FLUE PIPES are reliable, resistant, durable and coordinated exactly to the RIKA stove model‘s requirements. We have the same high quality standards for our flue pipes as we do for our stoves.

  • consistent colour match to your stove
  • perfectly matchen to your stove
  • heat-resistant, odourless paint as with the stoves

About the flue pipes

Here you will find all the information you need about flue pipes.

The colour of your stove IMPERA is:

We therefore recommend to choose the same colour for the flue pipes.

Which base plate fits?

The patented RIKA glass base plates protect sensitive floor coverings from dirt, wear and overheating. They are therefore an essential feature for stoves in most cases.

  • a secure and stable base for your stove
  • protection against dirt, damage or fire P
  • all-around sealing lip prevents the penetration of dirt, moisture or embers under the base plate
  • also in black oder metallic steel plates

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Here you can choose from different versions of the body and side panels. Match material and colour to your furnishing style.


Download Your summary includes:

  • Your individual configuration
  • Basic information about your stove
  • Technical details and features

Where can you find your RIKA dealer?

Here you will find all RIKA dealers who are located near you!

Everything at a glance

Your data compactly summarised

We have summarised all your data in a pdf according to your configuration:

  • Your individual configuration
  • Basic information about your stove
  • Technical details and features
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All the information regarding your stove

Here you will find further important documents on your selected stove which you can download.

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