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ON Mountain Hut
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Heat­ing and cook­ing at 2,500 metres alti­tude: with the wood­burn­ing stove COOK

Above the small village of Maloja near Sankt Moritz in the Swiss Alps, the founders of the Swiss running company On built a small temporary mountain hut for two people. Only accessible on foot, the futuristic building offered a breathtaking panoramic view – and was an unforgettable place to stay in summer 2019.

The "On Mountain Hut" was built from sustainable, recyclable materials and functioned completely self-sufficiently. Solar modules generated electricity, and the woodburning stove RIKA COOK was used for heating and cooking. Thus, this exceptional accommodation guaranteed a stay that was as functional as it was comfortable. "It makes us proud to share the mountains with the world", confirmed the On founding trio David Allemann, Olivier Bernhard and Caspar Coppetti. Here, in the high Engadine valley, the three founded their running company in 2010. With the construction of the "On Mountain Hut" they returned to their roots, "for us this place is a source of energy, ideas and innovation.”

Back to nature

In the On-Blog, outdoor enthusiasts confirmed that “this mountain hut is an ideal place to retreat from the hectic pace of everyday life and experience adventures away from the crowds.” Built for just one season, the refuge was dismantled without a trace.

RIKA COOK in the middle of the Swiss Alps

"Why only heat when you can also use the heat from the stove for cooking?" was what the three On directors also thought when they equipped their "On Mountain Hut" with the COOK stove from RIKA. While the pleasant warmth of the fire fills the living room, delicious dishes can be prepared on the integrated ceramic hob.

About the woodburning stove COOK

The woodburning stove RIKA COOK, which is independent of room air, is equipped with the patented air control system (RLS), which enables simple one-handed operation of the control unit and air supply optimisation. On the ceramic hob of the RIKA COOK, all favourite dishes can be prepared. In this way, the warmth of the stove can be fully utilised.

RIKA woodburning stove COOK with ceramic hob
RIKA COOK with ceramic hob
View from the On Mountain Hut
View from the On Mountain Hut

On Mountain Hut Blog article

Engineering: Renggli International AG


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